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Celebration Hall view

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Celebration Hall is a beautiful state-of-the-art performance space featuring a generously large stage and every seat has a fantastic view.  The Hall is  a wonderful space to showcase all types of talent!  Quality live entertainment celebrating community starts in a quality space.

The information about the facilities and equipment on this page may be helpful for potential artists and performers.



The Celebration Hall stage features approximately 2,500 square feet of viewable space with extra large wing areas.  It is approximately 50 feet wide 

A counterweight rigging system allows for 5 rails available for lighting and backdrops.  A full length cyclorama is also  installed.

The auditorium also features a large projection screen with a large-hall digital projector.

The stage door is on the same level as the stage and only a few steps away from the stage.  Load in/out is extremely easy!  Trailers can back into a covered space for loading.

Stage curtain
Auditorium seats


Celebration Hall features 562 fixed seats along with several open areas for alternate seating options.   Up to 26 additional temporary chairs can also be added for a total of 588 seats.

All seats have unobstructed views. 

Click the icon below to see a PDF of the seating chart.


We provide a professional BOH sound engineer along with a top level sound system that is acoustically tuned to the auditorium space. 

The venue is ideal for all acts, from acoustic performances to full bands, speakers and plays.

Additional speakers, monitors, boards and sound equipment are available if needed. We have professional concert audio technicians and sound engineers available as well as additional equipment for groups with varying  needs.   We also have the ability to fly speakers as needed.

Dressing room


There are two spacious, secure dressing rooms available with back stage access, bathrooms and showers.

There is also a comfortable green room available for use.


Lighting options can be controlled from a dedicated light booth. Options include: track mounted ellipsoidal lights, follow spots, fresnels, pin spots, moveable free standing spots, moveable washes and back drop washes.

Additional high end special effect lighting is available to be brought in for shows to make for an exciting atmosphere. 



Load in/load out is extremely easy. Access is on one level and trailers can be backed into the building on stage level and only a few feet away from the stage. 

240 volt power is available in the wings only a few feet away from the stage.  

Our acclaimed professional sound engineer has worked with many groups around the nation, both large and small.  We have the ability to acquire whatever equipment is needed to meet your group's needs. 

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