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We have many opportunities to sponsor our events, from small amounts to season long sponsorships, we can accommodate all levels.

Our desire is to provide events and space to share our commonalities instead of focusing on our differences; allowing us to grow a stronger community, help us become more welcoming, and strengthen us all.  All our events are held in the beautiful Celebration Hall venue on the campus of Hillcrest Academy near Kalona, Iowa.   All proceeds above expenses are donated to charities and organizations who continue to facilitate a better community.



We are looking for sponsors to support our purpose:

  •  A one-time donation

  • Per event donations

  • Seasonal donations

  • Other ideas you may have

With your sponsorship, we provide:

  • Your logo prominently featured in all communications about the event and on social media

  • Public acknowledgement of your generosity

  • Complimentary tickets

Thank you for considering a sponsorship and supporting our community!

Sponsorship Levels

  Additional sponsorship levels are available

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